What's better than great coffee, roasted in Belfast? Two, of course!

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More great news!

We have now added Belfast Coffee Company to our list of roasters and their Samson Blend is available for immediate dispatch. 

Roasted in Belfast, these carefully selected Colombian beans offer a smooth drinking experience, with tasting notes of Caramel & Dark Chocolate. 

Read on to find out more about Belfast Coffee Co.

"In the 1800’s Belfast was THE place to be. A thriving rope industry, linen industry and ship building industry - it was the fastest growing city in the world. Thousand’s of workers were employed to build the grand ships, with the RMS Titanic perhaps being the most infamous. “Fire Boys” kept the coal fires thriving throughout the ship, used to heat the rivets and prepare the coffee - to keep everyone awake on the long 12hr shifts. Robert Allan, a Belfast shipwright, blended the coffee with spices he traded and this recipe is the founding recipe for the coffee brewed by The Belfast Coffee Co.

By maintaining the Belfast coffee tradition and refining our coffee to represent the modern Belfast taste profile, our Belfast coffee is still today, expertly roasted in the shadow of our two yellow gantry cranes ‘Samson’ (804 tonnes) and ‘Goliath’ (760 tonnes) that dominate the Belfast skyline. Enjoy our small batch coffee, roasted with pride in Belfast, from us to you.

We are passionate about coffee and developing tastes and aromas unique to our country. We have an Irish Whiskey blend that is sure to evoke the wild Glens of Antrim, and a nutty, cinnamon blend perfect for a spicy winter warmer. If you have an idea - get in touch and we’ll see if we can create the perfect blend for you!"


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