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  • Dark chocolate and caramel taste profile
  • 250g resealable bag
  • Single-origin Colombia

These raw coffee beans were widely available in Belfast, having been traded for linen and rope. Belfast was home to the largest rope works in the world and exported to the world’s shipping industry.

Robert Allan, a Belfast shipwright, blended the coffee with various traded spices to give it a unique flavour. This process is still used today by the 4th generation Allan Family and is what makes our coffee taste so unique.


There are three primary varieties grown in Colombia and the coffee is referred to by the region in which it is grown

Excelso and Supremo

“Excelso” is a grading term for exportable coffee from Colombia, not related to variety or cupping profile. EP (European Preparation) specifies that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove any defective beans and foreign material.

“Excelso” coffee beans are large but slightly smaller than Supremo coffee beans. Excelso beans are a screen size of 15-16, versus Supremo beans, which are sized on screen 17. Colombian coffee is graded before shipment according to bean size. Supremo and Excelso coffee beans can be harvested from the same tree, but they are sorted by size. Excelso accounts for the greatest volume of coffee exported from Colombia.

Tasting Notes: Zesty caramel and chocolate with crisp apple acidity & lime

Aromas: Cherry & Fruit Juice.