Causeway Coffee


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A seasonal blend which allows for slight flavour variations.

The rich and velvety Sumatra bean, combined with sweetness of the Brazilian and big flavour of the Kenyan beans, allow for a full bodied and syrupy blend.

Tasting Notes-

Milk Chocolate, Plum Jam & Butterscotch.


Named after the beautiful Queen to King Lubhdán from the 13th century story Eisert. The story relates the adventures and misadventures of Bébó and her husband Lubhdán in Ulster. It has been suggested that this story, contrasting a land of pygmies (Leprechaun), was the basis for Swift's Gulliver's Travels!

Medium Roast

Bean type-    Mundo Nova, Icatu, Bourbon,

                      Typica, SL28, SL34

Countries-    Brazil- Minas Gerais,

                      Kenya-Central Province


Harvest-       May to December

Preparation- Semi Washed, Giling Basah, Washed

Altitude-        900-1,600 masl